Friday, May 20, 2016

Solar Evacuated Tube Used To Boil Rice

1/4 cup (59.15mL, 45grams) of rice and 1/2 cup water (118.3mL)
Elevation: 4,501ft (1,372m)
Season: Spring (May 18th)
Time of Day: Morning
Solar Tube Orientation: 45degrees off ground, facing directly east. 
Ambient Temperature: 59F (15C) in Shade, 
Rice and water temperature near ambient temperature (out all night)

Start Time: 8:13am
                   9:00am finger over large hole gets warm vapor on it
                                 blocked large hole with stick
                   9:11am too hot to hold finger over large hole long; vapor
                   9:15am ambient temperature: 60F (15.6C)
                   9:45am disturbed tube, tested rice, still slightly crunchy
                 10:00am rice cooked to very soft consistency




...height of 45 grams of rice in solar tube

...height of 45 grams of rice plus 1/2 cup water...

Soft boiled rice 1h 45 minutes later.
Notice I can hold the outter tube in my hand but would burn my fingers if I put them inside the tube.

If you look closely at the rice you will see the rice at the bottom of the tube was still slightly crunchy.

...This is my fault; the rice should've have been stirred. Stirring is easy given the outside of the tube remains cool -just invert the tube a couple of times.

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