Monday, May 16, 2016

Solar Evacuated Tube As Backpack Solar Oven

[$15 +$20 shipping] I usually prefer technology I can create myself but I couldn't pass up testing this device given some youtube vids on the temperatures it could reach.

Yes, I realize the maximum concentration for my reflector to reflect onto the tube would be horizontal which is how I will use it next time.

This was a quick test to verify the tube worked and wasn't broken during shipping (or manufacturing).  I poured about a cup of water into the tube.

Orientation: 35 degree from ground facing West as the sunset at base of Rockies
Time of Day: 4:10pm, mid-May
Length of Test: 30 minutes 
Ambient Temperature: 70F

Begining Temperature: um, my digital laser thermometer is a 10 hour drive away so I can only say the water was cool to the touch.

Ending Temperature: To my hand, the water was as hot as the water out of a hot water tap (hot enough to do dishes in but not near boiling). A little hotter and I wouldn't pour it into my hand.

Next post, I will cook rice or rolled oats and carefully measure the amount of water I place into the tube. I'll also record the volume of the quantity of grain to be boiled.  I will also seal the largest hole in the rubber stopper to speed up boiling times (no worries, there is another 1/16th hole also in the rubber stopper).


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