Saturday, December 3, 2016

Repairing a $7.99/2 Rear Bicycle Fender

Yep. Trival. I want to keep a date to see how long the repair worked for, hence the post.

One morning I bumped the rear fender with my leg as I mounted the bike
 -Snap!!!, no more rear fender.

In fairness to the vendor, I did take the bicycle through here the day before:

...mainly because I didn't want to bike a mile out of my way just to get to the very cool bike path on the other side of the rail yard (see that third wooden bridge in the distance????  ooooh so close but ooooh so far away).

Four peices of tin (shaped and cut to hold the fender in place), and three zip ties (to ensure no slippage during vibrations during riding), later and here's the result:

By the way, if you have very simple tools (marker, scissors), you don't need to spend any money at all on fenders.

  Front Fender

  Rear Fender

....which led to a commercial product:

   Ass Savers
...yep, that's their commercial name so don't complain to me about language.

I want to get a second bicycle for out of town company and in case something drastic should happen to my $50 Iron Horse MTB.... I'll use the zero cost fenders for the second bike (seeing's how the $7.99 failed me so ?easily?) !

$50 Iron Horse MTB + (4 inner tubes and multiple bottles of green slime) has given me 1,000 commuter miles (1609.344 km) in three months. This doesn't include pleasure riding stints. Maximum commuter run length: 10 miles (16km). 

Oh. I use a $30 Trek bike trailer for loads...hmmmm.....maybe I'll only put heavy duty racks on the second bicycle since I find myself needing a rack regularly.


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