Thursday, April 7, 2016

Makeshift Urban Stealth Rocket Cook Stove

If you need to cook outdoors without the neighbors complaining about smoke, the rocket cook stove is awesome (if you keep it lit).

This is a poorly constructed rocket stove for the following reasons (poor meaning it will burn more sticks than my Zuni Mountain one to cook rice and beans):
-there is only loose brick as insulation on the outside instead of scoria;
-additionally, the brick insulation doesn't cover the sides of all the rocket stove;
-the gaps between the bricks are not sealed (not airtight and leak heat);
-the mouth of the cinderblock for the fuel and the exhaust is a little large and burns small sticks (1/4") more quickly than a smaller mouth.

It still cooks rice and beans but at a higher stick ratio than my previously posted one (the one in the Zuni Mountains).

The ground was wet so I placed the stove on top of a second smaller cinderblock so the stove wouldn't loose as much heat to the ground.

Note there is NO SMOKE while the stove is busy cooking  ----NICE-----

As a bonus, after beans or rice has finished cooking, I pull the remaining large sticks from the stove, place two small potatoes in the exhaust hole and then seal both the fuel mouth and the exhaust mouth. The potatoes are cooked nicely by the time the rocket stove is cool to the touch (and no smoke has escaped while the rocket stove burns out).

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